2 Reasons To Use Media Blasting To Get Rid Of Graffiti On Your Business

In some areas, graffiti can be a serious problem. You may get your business cleaned up one day and end up with more graffiti on the wall in just a few days or weeks. You can have a painting contractor put graffiti-resistant paint on the exterior walls of your business to help keep it from getting tagged, but before that can happen, the previous graffiti, coatings, layers of paint, and other dirt so that the wall can be ready to get the new paint on it. The easiest way is to have a company come to your business and use media blasting to clean everything off. There are several reasons to have the walls media blasted before painting them.  

Lack of Damage

One reason to have someone do this procedure with your walls is that the media has a low risk of damaging the surface on which it is being used. Because there are so many kinds of media that can be used, it's easy for the contractor to pick one with a low risk of damaging the walls of your business while still getting rid of stuff on the walls. You don't want to have more damage when trying to get rid of the damage caused by vandalism, so that is a good reason to go with this method.

Low Cleanup

Depending on what kind of media gets used, cleanup can be minimal. Some of the options disappear as they are used, and they blast the paint and debris into small pieces that aren't visible. What is left over can just be swept up and disposed of. For example, one media option is dry ice. When the frozen carbon dioxide hits the wall and turns back into a gas, it dissolves the paint, rust, or other dirt on the wall. There may be some small paint chips that get left on the floor, but by and large, there shouldn't be a whole lot of mess to clean up at the end. Not only does low cleanup make things easier, but it can also be more environmentally friendly than some other options. 

Grafitti can be a big problem for businesses. You can put graffiti-resistant paint and coatings on your wall if you get tagged frequently. Before you do that, you need to have a contractor do some media blasting to remove the graffiti on the walls so that they are nice and clean.