A Quick Guide To I-CAR Certified Auto Collision Repair Technicians

When you have a badly damaged vehicle, you want to trust the auto collision repair specialists you hire to restore and fix your ride. Along with reviews, recommendations, and examples of work, an I-CAR certified technician can add credibility to the business.

Follow this quick guide to learn what it means to choose an auto body collision repair shop that features technicians with I-CAR certified auto collision repair technicians.

I-CAR Certification

Many auto body businesses will display the I-CAR logo on their website or in the windows of their physical location. I-CAR stands for Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. The group has been around for more than 40 years and offers membership and accreditation to collision repair companies.

Unlike other mechanic groups and industries, the I-CAR company works exclusively with collision specialists and focuses on repair due to major automobile accidents.


An auto collision shop who seeks accreditation from I-CAR cannot just simply sign up or pay dues. Each technician who wants accreditation must go through a training process. I-CAR offers in-person classes along with a wide range of online courses to teach collision expertise.

The wide-range of classes vary. Technicians may take welding classes, color match classes, classes on fabrication, and classes on specific cars. For example, one technician may focus on domestic cars while another focuses on international cars. A minimum amount of classes must be passed for a shop to obtain their accreditation.

In some cases, the training may include in-person instructors who inspect shops, teach one-on-one courses, and provide instruction on proper tool use.

New Technology & Updated Courses

The I-CAR accreditation is not just a one-time process. Cars constantly evolve and change, along with the techniques that collision shops use to restore and repair them. New courses often appear through I-CAR training. The courses will cover modern training on electric vehicles, updated car designs, and the newest models.

When an auto shop stays up to date with the latest technology, you can trust them more to complete your collision repairs. The accreditation only lasts so long and when you see the active memberships, you will know the company has completed the minimal amount of courses to stay accredited.

Along with the shop itself, you can visit the official I-CAR website to see what businesses have received their accreditation. This will ensure you find a proper repair shop. The website also showcases their full course catalog so you can see what types of subjects the technicians learn about as they expand their collision repair knowledge.

For more information, contact a local auto collision repair shop.