Why a Car May Shake When It Is Being Driven

One of the reasons why you may bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop is because it feels like your car is shaking when you are driving it. When you call a car repair shop, they will likely not be able to give you an estimate and may require you to bring the car in to be inspected. This is because there are many reasons why a car may shake. Here are a few of the most common reasons why a car may shake as you drive it. 

The Tires Are Going Bad

One of the most common reasons why a car may feel like it is shaking when you are driving is because the tires are going bad. This typically happens if your tires wear unevenly. As your tires move and roll, they are not hitting the surface of the road evenly. This causes a feeling that many describe as shaking. If you feel like your car is steadily shaking as it is being driven, but it does not shake when you are at a stop, bad tires may be the problem. 

Your Brakes Need to Be Replaced

Another common reason a car may shake is that the brakes need to be replaced. If your brakes are extremely worn, you may feel your car shake when you hit the brake pedal. Chances are, you will also hear screeching or squealing at the same time. If your car only shakes when you are coming to a stop, brakes are the likely culprit. 

The Axles Are Damaged

A damaged axel can make it feel like your car is shaking as you drive it. You can damage your axels during a car accident, hitting a large pothole or even hitting curbs. Most people feel axle damage when they are traveling at high speeds. If your car only feels like it is shaking on the freeway, you may have sustained axle damage. 

Your Motor Mounts Are Worn

Lastly, worn motor mounts can cause a car to shake. Your motor mounts hold the engine in place. Due to wear and age, the mounts can become loose, which can cause your engine to shift or shake. You may feel this in your car. If your car feels like it is shaking while you are driving and when you are stopped at a light, worn motor mounts are likely to blame.

While there are a number of reasons a car may shake when it is being driven, it is often fairly easy to narrow down the cause of the shaking. A great auto repair shop should be able to diagnose your car quickly, give you an estimate, and then make the repairs needed to help put an end to the shaking and get your car driving correctly once again.