Repairing Body Damage After A Minor Fender-Bender: Three Options To Consider

Having your car get damaged in a minor fender-bender can be frustrating, but repairing small dings and dents can be easier than you might think. There are several options available that your auto body repair shop can offer. If you want to correct the cosmetic damage done from a minor accident, here are some options to consider.

Panel Replacement

Depending on where the damage is and the force of the impact, some bumps and dents can be difficult to remove. Simply replacing the panel of the car where the damage is located can be an ideal option. Talk to an auto body repair shop like Westside Fender/Body & Refinishing about the cost associated with this, and don't forget to ask about paint. You'll want to make sure your new panel matches the rest of the car for a seamless look. Panel replacement might include a door, quarter panel, or even the trunk deck. You may also choose to have your bumper replaced, particularly if it cracked or split due to the impact.

Paint Matching

For some accidents, the only damage is a minor ding in the paint. Fortunately, this is an easy repair for your auto body shop to handle. Be sure to use a shop with experience in paint matching for this option. Even a slight difference in colors can stand out, particularly when the area is small. Some car owners may choose to have the entire car repainted, but this may be an unnecessary expense if you can find an experienced technician to perform the work. Consider taking this opportunity to inspect the entire car for other paint or rust damage, as you may be able to get a discount on the service by having multiple areas painted at the same time.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair may be required if your vehicle has a significant dent that doesn't require the replacement of the panel. Your auto body repair shop will remove the panel where the dent is located and essentially push out the bump from the inside. This option results in a smooth, like-new surface with minimal labor required. Paintless dent repair uses no fiber fillers and paint to complete the work, so the dent is actually repaired and not just masked behind a layer of extra materials.

When you take your car in, talk to the mechanics about what happened and where you see damage. Ask for an inspection because there may be frame damage you can't see. Once you have a good idea of the extent of the damage, you can partner together to determine the best way to repair your car's cosmetic damage.