It's All About The Paint Job: 4 Ways To Ensure Flawless Results From Your Paint Booth

If you own an auto body and paint shop, the finished results are only as good as the paint booth itself. To make sure you get the best result possible, you need to provide the proper care for your paint booth. Here are four important steps you need to take to ensure quality results each and every time.

Make it a Dust-Free Zone

When you're painting a car, the last thing you want is to find dust on the freshly painted surface. To avoid that problem, you need to make the painting booth a dust-free zone. The first thing you need to do is ensure that the ventilation system is running each time you open the door. This will keep dust out of the cabin. Second, always ensure that all sanding residue is removed from the car before moving it into the painting cabin. Third, always wear your protective, dust-free coverall and head cover whenever you're in the painting cabin. Finally, keep foot traffic in and out of the painting cabin down to a minimum.

Keep the Spray Booth Clean

When it comes to maximizing your results, you've got to keep your spray booth as clean as possible. To do that, you should clean the cabin on a regular basis. Over-spray needs to be removed from the cabin walls and floors. Sponge mops and paint solvents should be used on all surfaces that are coated with over-spray. For a deep cleaning, you should use a pressure washer on your painting booth several times a year. If your painting booth is busy on a daily basis, you should increase the number of deep cleanings you provide.

Ensure a Clean Spray Surface

In addition to cleaning the surfaces of your spray booth, you'll also need to clean all the accessories that are used for the painting process. This includes the paint gun and air hoses. Residual paint gets stuck inside the paint gun and air hoses. Once the paint dries up, it can flake off and get sent through the hoses where it gets stuck on the surface of your painted vehicles. To avoid disastrous results, clean your air hoses and paint gun at least once a month.

Avoid Moisture Buildup

Excess moisture is an enemy of your paint booth. Too much moisture will ruin a fresh coat of paint. To avoid moisture buildup inside the paint booth, install a refrigerant dryer. If you're in the market for a new paint booth, be sure to include a refrigerant dryer.

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