4 Tips For Auto Maintenance To Prevent Damage From Overheating And Lubrication Problems

Overheating can be a problem at different times of the year, but especially during the hot summer months. This is why maintenance, like scheduling regular oil changes, is important. If you want to prevent wear and overheating problems, you want to change the oil regularly and do maintenance to your coolant and transmission fluids as well. Here are some tips to help with maintenance of auto lubricants and fluids to prevent overheating and other problems:

1. Oil and Filter Changes to Reduce Engine Wear and Performance Problems

Changing the oil in your car is important to ensure that the engine does not undergo excessive wear. If you are having the oil changed before the hot summer months, have the auto repair service use an oil that provides protection for your engine at higher temperatures. When you change the oil in your car you will also need to change the oil and air filter; iIn addition to changing the oil and air filters, you will also want to do maintenance to the fuel filter. Add a cleaner to the fuel tank if the filter is difficult to get to, and change it occasionally to ensure you do not have problems with your fuel injection system.

2. Transmission Maintenance to Reduce Wear and Prevent Overheating Problems

Your transmission is a component of your car that you may not think would be affected by overheating. During hot weather, your transmission can have issues with the circulation of coolant or lack of lubrication; therefore, it is important to do transmission maintenance and have things like the fluids and cooling system checked regularly.

3. Cooling System Maintenance and Inspection to Prevent Problems on Hot Days

Your cooling system is the most important of your car during the summer months because it circulates coolant through the engine, transmission, and radiators. Before the weather gets hot outside, you want to have your cooling system flushed and inspected for leaks. Have repairs done to the cooling system before the hot weather arrives, and never use water in place of coolant because it can cause corrosion problems and buildup in the cooling system.

4. Brake and Suspension Maintenance to Prevent Trouble and Costly Repairs

Your brakes and suspension also need maintenance during the summer months. Have your brakes inspected and bled to ensure there are no problems; in addition, check all the fluids, which includes brake and power steering fluid. You should also check the tires and have an alignment done to reduce uneven tire wear.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance of your car's fluids to prevent problems with overheating and wear. If you need help with these maintenance tasks, contact an auto repair service in your area to help ensure your car is ready for long drives on the hot summer days to come.