A Guide To Paintless Dent Repair

Repairing small dents in your car body can be tedious and expensive. Of course, dents become more problematic as they age, get bigger, and become rusty. Because of this, it is very important that you find and fix small dents as soon as they happen. The longer you wait, the more expensive they will be to fix. There are many different methods that can be used for repairing car dents. This article explains when paintless dent repair works and when you will need to invest in a full-scale dent repair. It should help you determine the best method for your auto paint repair.

Is Your Clear Coat In Tact?

A paintless dent repair is only an option on dents where there is no paint or clear coat damage. It will be easy to tell if your car paint is scratched, but you need to look closely to determine if there is any clear coat damage. If the clear coat is scratched off, but the base paint is still true, you will need to fix this problem before moving forward. When the base paint is exposed without any clear coat protection, you are left with vulnerable paint. It is likely that is will fade quicker than the surrounding paint that is still covered with a clear coat. If it seems that your clear coat and paint are both in tact and sealed, you can move forward with paintless methods.

Can Your Dent Be Fixed With Paintless Methods?

The severity of the dent also has a bearing on the viability of paintless repair methods. That is, if your dent is severely cratered in, it might not be possible to make the repair without chipping the paint in the process. At which point you will need to use touch up paint to fix your problem.

Various Paintless Repair Methods and Tools

There are a number of tools and methods that can be used to fix dents. Professionals use technical lights and lasers that show the original car shape. They work with those lights to reshape the dent to the proper dimensions. This is obviously delicate, tedious work that needs to be done by professionals. They will actually use rudimentary tools, like metal rods and hammers to manipulate the metal. It is a painstaking process to get the car back to its original shape without damaging it.

Paintless repair methods are preferable because they help to maintain the original paint job and no additional substances need to be added to the car surface. Contact a company like Corn Paintless Dent Repair for more information and assistance.