3 Major Problems To Be Alert To After An RV Collision

Your RV is your humble abode for the road and is bound to bring you all kinds of incredible memories and take you on many adventures. However, spending so much time on the road in an RV can also mean that it is more likely that, eventually, you will be involved in an RV collision. It can be disheartening to see your road-home wrecked and mangled for sure, which is why working with a skilled RV collision repair center is your best option after an accident. Beyond the cosmetic damages, RVs are pretty notorious for developing other issues after they have been wrecked. Be alert to these major problems with your RV after a collision. 

Be alert to frame shifting. 

An RV is made up of the axle that the structure sets on and the frame of the housing unit. It is not at all uncommon for a sudden impact to force the frame of the RV itself off of the axle, and unfortunately, this is not as noticeable as you would expect it to be. If the frame has shifted, it can bring about all kinds of problems, from causing the RV to trail funny to creating the potential for instability. Any time your RV is involved in an accident, it is best to have it checked out by a collision expert to survey the extent of the damage. 

Be alert to damaged water lines. 

If your RV is equipped with a water tank, the water lines coming from the tank are usually distributed throughout the walls and floor of the unit. These water lines can be easily damaged during a collision. They can be pulled from their connections or even broken, both of which can create major damages if they are not caught right away. Be on the lookout for signs that there is a water line leakage in hidden areas, such as in the walls. 

Be alert to cracks that could lead to water damage. 

If your RV sustains a massive impact, the walls and frame can separate from the sheets of fiberglass or metal that keep water out when it rains. Even the slightest gap can allow water to seep through and get into the inner walls, the inside of the RV, or around door frames. Make sure you keep a close eye on your RV after an accident and do your est to block off any gaps until you get to the collision repair center.